The Life of the IB Student

I'm a IB student. I feel your pain and joy. This is just my journey through the IB. Just FYI I will also be blogging some random stuff.

Anonymous asked: Awww, I'm sorry :(, Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you! Lovely anonymous person :)

It’s my birthday and no one has yet said happy birthday. You see being alone is normally okay, but at days like this, being alone breaks my heart.

I just had a two hour kumon math lesson followed by an hour and a half of violin. Oh and guess what I have mocks in like 3 days. I have not studied so yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Excuse me while I go shower with a textbook.

Let's Focus On the Unattainable: Does anyone in the UK (or America but is applying to a British University know:


Anything at all about UCAS. I know what it is, but nothing outside of that. Like, is there a fee to register and if so is it just for International applicants? How similar is it to CommonApp?

Also, could someone please explain the IB credit system? I’ve heard various things…in some places you…

With the IB there is no credit system. What happens is each university has an entry requirement depending on your course, for example I want to do math my course requirement is 38 points with a (7,6,6) at higher level. No credits just a requirement. You don’t have to write half as many essays. 1 personal statement explaining why you want to do a course, (tip dont mention university names). I think take the SATs they’ll primarily look at your IB grade. But the SATs prove aptitude.


The only rumours that spread through classes are about university acceptances.


What else do we do with our lives… -__-